Announcement: Cobblestone's has been closed due to water damage until further notice. We will be meeting July 19th at Pandora's Box, 466 East Market Street in York. We will be meeting at Pandora's Box on the third Saturday of every month from now on. Please check the mailing list for updates.

The White Rose Vapers' Club is a meetup for vapers in York, Pennsylvania. We meet on the third Saturday of every month in the banquet room at Cobblestone's Restaurant and Bar on South George Street. Vapers, potential vapers, and anyone interested in the art of electronic cigarettes are welcome to join us. We have hundreds of sample flavors available for you to try, and a few vendors if you'd like to purchase something. You are encouraged to buy food and beverages as well, if you would like. If you're interested in vaping, or just want to talk to some fellow vapers, consider joining us for our next meetup. For more information, see About.

We ask that you please RSVP in advance if you plan on attending our next event. Although it is not required, it helps us plan our event accordingly and ensure that we have the appropriate accommodations.

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